The Solar System song

The Solar System Song

There are eight planets in our solar system
We all revolve around the Sun
Join us to learn about the different planets
Now sing along and have some fun

My name is Mercury I’m the second hottest planet
The closest one to the Sun
A year on my surface is eighty-eight days
I’m the smallest but I’m lots of fun

My name is Venus I’m the hottest planet
But the second planet from the Sun
I’m the brightest planet in our solar system
And I’m too hot for any one

My name is Earth I’m the planet you live on
The third Planet from the Sun
I’m the only planet with organic life
So take care of me because we’re all one

My name is Mars I am red in color
The fourth planet from the Sun
I have the highest mountain in our solar system
A volcano named Olympus Mons

My name is Jupiter I am covered in clouds
I’m the fifth planet from the Sun
My giant red spot is a raging storm
As for size I’m the biggest one

My name is Saturn I am brown in color
I’m the sixth planet from the Sun
My outer rings are extremely thin
They’re made of dust and icy chunks

My name is Uranus I am blue in color
I’m the seventh planet from the Sun
Humans have named me the icy planet
Because I am the coldest one

My name is Neptune I am blue in color
I’m the eighth planet from the Sun
I have to many storms in my atmosphere
And I’m the furthest planet from the Sun